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Question : Which of the Merck Millipore grade such as (GR,Extra pure or EMPROVE) is suitable to apply as a food grade in foodstuff manufacturing?

Answer : Totally Emprove grads that carry USP (pharmacopeia of united states ) are suitable to be used in food industry as food grade or excipent.

Question : What's the difference between expiry date and minimum shelf life of product?

Answer : Usually expiry date is the maximum time period which you are allowed to use that product in contrast minimum shelf life is the best time zone which its comfortable to use that reagent.

Question : How can we understand that if we can use a product after finishing it minimum shelf life ?

Answer : The best choice is to use a part of that reagent in a pilot examination just to realize wheatear it's still applicable or you can't use it anymore .

Question : What is the most suitable grade for using as an excipent ?

Answer : Normally all EMPROVE grads with USP standard are excipent reagent in merckmillipor products.

Question : How can we obtain the certificate of analysis of product from merckmillipore ?

Answer : You can refer the merckmillipor performance website in COA chart just enter your catalogue number and lot number and push enter bottom, then the PDF format of coa will be appear for you.